Life Beyond University

Life Beyond University

Unemployment is a pressing issue in Kenya, particularly among young graduates entering the job market. With the youth unemployment rate hovering around 38.9%, many young people face a challenging transition from university to the professional world. The high competition and limited job opportunities often lead to frustration and uncertainty.

In the face of these challenges, Positive Circles Under 25 hosted a three-day virtual training event from Monday 6th May to Wednesday 9th May 2024, titled "Life Beyond University." The training was aimed to equip young adults with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the job market successfully. The sessions were led by Jean Joyce, a seasoned Human Resource professional, and her colleague Jay Walemba.

Day 1: Self-Awareness and Adaptability

The training kicked off with Jean Joyce emphasizing the importance of self-awareness, adaptability, and a commitment to continuous learning. She explained that embarking on a fulfilling career journey requires reflecting on your skills, interests, values, and strengths. Jean stressed the need to remain flexible and adaptable in the rapidly changing job market. Self-awareness forms the foundation of a fulfilling career journey.

Day 2: Job Hunting Strategies and Crafting Winning Applications

The second day of the training was packed with practical advice on job hunting and crafting standout applications. Jay Walemba advised participants to define their career goals clearly and maintain an updated resume and cover letter. He encouraged us to stay positive and persistent throughout the job search process.

Jay Walemba also discussed the necessity of crafting a CV and cover letter that can successfully navigate the Applicant Tracking System. It is important to align these documents with the specific details mentioned in job adverts, which is crucial for making it through the initial shortlisting phase. Jay's session was a practical guide to ensuring that applications stand out to recruiters.

Jean provided tips for job interview preparations, including conducting thorough background checks on companies and job descriptions, dressing appropriately, and arriving on time to avoid any last-minute panic. These tips were designed to help candidates present themselves confidently and professionally.

Day 3: Networking and Personal Branding

The final day focused on the power of networking and the art of personal branding. Jean highlighted how networking can open doors to potential job opportunities and provide insights into industry trends, challenges, and best practices. She shared that effective networking is not just about making connections but also about building relationships that can support your career growth.

When it came to personal branding, Jean explained its significance in controlling one's narrative, standing out in a crowded marketplace, and attracting opportunities that align with personal goals and values. She stressed that consistency and authenticity are crucial for building trust, credibility, and recognition.

Overally, the training was educational, equipping participants with valuable skills needed to navigate life as young adults transitioning into the job market. It provided us with the tools and insights needed to approach the job market with confidence and clarity.

Testimonials from the training:

Edgar Akula,

I am happy to have been part of the Life Beyond University training programme since apart from networking, I was able to learn about myself through the free personality test that was key to me knowing my strengths and weaknesses. 

Furthermore, I was able to identify key mistakes that are made by interviewees while going for interviews like not dressing appropriately, inadequate knowledge of the company culture, etc.

 I also learned how to write an eye-catching Curriculum Vitae (CV). A skill I hold dear, next to the skill of online presence presentation and social media account management.

 I would recommend this to all those who are newly out of school and would love to understand the employment landscape.

Ivy Kiania,

I'm thrilled to have been a participant of the insightful and eye-opening Life Beyond University training sessions which provided valuable insights into my career journey.

As a result, I learned the nitty gritty of Personal Branding and how to prepare adequately for job openings and opportunities.

I was also able to build on my personal values and etiquette when it comes to the working environment where I also acquired a profound sense of commitment when it comes to building a great work ethic and scaling up the career ladder.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for that grand opportunity where I received mentorship from one of the best and I am looking forward to many more such experiences.

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