Get to Know Us

Positive Circles is a PLATFORM  driven by women, for women. We empower women to GROW, CONNECT, and IMPACT.

We GROW using story-telling, peer-to-peer learning, and expert-led training through events and our socials. We CONNECT through our networking and mentorship programs. We IMPACT through community outreach and member-led programs.


We love working with growth-oriented women who are keen on;

Personal Development: 

Our Personal Development programs are rooted in self-love and self-care, where we enhance women’s awareness, identity, passion and life’s purpose through learning and unlearning.

Career and Business Leadership Development: 

We aid women’s career and business growth through resources, mentorship, networking and training that will enable them to unlock different levels of career and business success.

Financial Literacy: 

We enable women make better informed and independent financial decisions in their homes, workplaces and communities by sharing financial literacy resources and training.

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Education:

Underprivileged girls and young women are most affected by period poverty which ensures th

Our interactive community programs and events centered on menstrual health and hygiene helps them learn about themselves and gain autonomy over their bodies.

We also conduct sanitary drives to provide girls and young women with both reusable and disposable sanitary towels to help them stay in school and maximize their potential.

The Board

Debra Ouma, Founder and Executive Director 

Debra Ouma serves as the driving force behind Positive Circles, leading the team with a clear focus on the organization's mission and vision. Working closely with her team, she translates this vision into action, delivering impactful programs and initiatives that enact positive change.

In her role, Debra also plays a crucial role in fostering partnerships, recognizing the importance of collaboration in achieving their goals.

As a Global Ambassador for the Pad Project, Debra channels her passion for advancing women's rights, particularly in advocating for Menstrual Justice and the overall well-being of women and girls worldwide.

With a background in Communications and Technology, Debra integrates these skills into her work at Positive Circles, utilizing innovative approaches to further the organization's objectives.

Debra's leadership is not only evident in her professional capacities but also in her unwavering dedication to women's empowerment. Her commitment to driving positive change makes her a voice both locally and globally.

Doris Temko

Doris Temko is a passionate advocate for women's empowerment and financial inclusion.

With a background in Sustainability, she dedicates her life to breaking barriers for women globally.

At Positive Circles, she is actively involved in designing programs that provide women with financial literacy and entrepreneurship support.

She is the co-convener of the ‘Let’s Talk Money’ event series which fosters conversations and initiatives to promote financial education and empowerment. Beyond her work, she finds joy in traveling, reading and staying fit.

Sarah Mukabana, Board Member

Sarah Mukabana is a Digital Communications Specialist with over a decade of experience in the field, she is deeply passionate about leveraging storytelling to empower and uplift women.

Throughout her career, Sarah has continuously explored innovative strategies and embraced emerging platforms to navigate the dynamic landscape of digital media.

Combining creativity, analytical rigor, and strategic foresight, she approaches every project with meticulous attention to detail and dedication to excellence.

Sarah's goal is to serve as a champion for confidence, utilizing her expertise to amplify voices and catalyze positive change in the digital realm.

Halima Dolif, Board Member and Positive Circles Under 25 Coordinator

Halima Dolif is a Psychology Student at Kenyatta University. She is a passionate advocate for youth engagement and action. From a young age, she has championed the rights of children and embraced science innovations to tackle societal challenges. 

As the Coordinator of the Positive Circles Under 25, Halima spearheads campaigns for inclusive education and climate change awareness, empowering young individuals to drive positive change in their communities.

Dorita Kelsie, Communications Assistant

Dorita Kelsie is a graduate of Communications and Media from Maseno University, and is currently a Communications Assistant at Positive Circles, where she brings her passion for communications to life.

She is passionate about advocating for equality and social justice issues, and uses her communication skills to raise awareness and drive positive change in the society.