Celebrating the International Day of the African Child: A Story of Love and Empowerment with Debora Adkinyi

Celebrating the International Day of the African Child: A Story of Love and Empowerment with Debora Adkinyi

The International Day of the African Child is a significant celebration that honors the strength, potential, and unique challenges faced by children across the African continent. This year, as part of our series on empowering the African child, we share the inspiring story of Debora Adkinyi, a devoted mother who embraced adoption and actively works to uplift children in her community. Her story exemplifies the boundless love, faith, and commitment that define nurturing and empowering children.

A Proud Mom and Empowered Woman

"My name is Debora Adkinyi. I am a born-again Christian, and I am privileged to be called a proud mom of two lovely daughters aged 6." Debora’s passion for motherhood is evident, and her faith shines through as she speaks about her journey. Beyond her role as a mother, Debora is a professional in the construction business and an ardent advocate for women's and children's empowerment. Through her involvement with Positive Circles, she dedicates her time and expertise to uplifting women and girls, ensuring they have the support and resources they need to thrive.

A Heart Full of Love

When asked about her decision to adopt, Debora's eyes light up with joy. "I LOVE CHILDREN, and if it were up to me, nine would be my magic number," she says with a chuckle. "It's my first time to disclose this; however, I feel blessed to continue on the journey of motherhood with my assigned children. Not adopted but assigned to me by God. Down the line, I pray God will assign me others, which I will be happy to serve God through loving and uplifting those who may not have the privilege of receiving the love of a mother."

Debora's approach to motherhood is deeply rooted in her faith. She believes that every child is a gift from God, entrusted to her care to nurture, guide, and love unconditionally.

Navigating the Dynamics of Motherhood

Parenting, Debora notes, is a journey filled with surprises and learning experiences. "The biggest factor that comes into play is working with the different personalities and temperaments that each child comes with," she explains. "I have come to discover that there's a possibility that each child comes with its own worldview. They have a unique understanding of this world that needs to be nurtured to guide them into being holistic and well-balanced humans. Came as a surprise to me."

Despite the challenges, Debora finds immense joy in watching her children thrive. "Children are generally malleable humans and adopt very quickly. Their world is full of discoveries, and wherever they are placed, they just thrive. With that said, family dynamics haven't changed much. We are all learning and adjusting to our new sister. She is also very pleasant, inquisitive, and has a very humorous side. She cracks us up with her little blithesome ways."

A Calling to Empower the African Child

For Debora, the International Day of the African Child is more than just a celebration; it is a reminder of the sacred calling bestowed upon mothers and caregivers to nurture and empower the next generation. "It is a privilege. It is also very tedious and challenging, affects your bank account big time but by the grace of God, He has empowered me to take one day at a time," she shares.

In her household, the spirit of nurturing and empowering children is woven into their daily lives. "Not particularly around specific days, but around the structure and activities of the home, we sing a lot, dance, try new places regularly, craft, and we also read and memorize Bible Scriptures a lot," Debora says.

A Message to Prospective Adoptive Parents and Caregivers

To those considering adoption or actively working to support the African child, Debora has a heartfelt message: "Go for it. It's a blessing, and everyone gets to grow through adjusting to loving someone you chose to love."

Debora Adkinyi's story is a beautiful reminder of the power of love and the profound impact that one caregiver can have on the lives of children. This International Day of the African Child, we celebrate Debora and all the incredible caregivers who make the world a brighter place with their unending love and support.

Happy International Day of the African Child!

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